Sudd City Adventures is part of MagWest 2020 Indie Arcade Official Selection

The team here at Sudd City Adventures is very happy to announce that we’ve been selected to be a part of the MagWest 2020 Indie Showcase. MagWest is an annual convention in The San Francisco Bay area that is a part of MagFest celebrating indie music and games. The 2020 pandemic has caused video game conventions, like MagWest to be virtual only.

We don’t have any fancy booth pics due to being virtual but we do have a a snazzy page:

Be sure to also check out the other games in the showcase:

To celebrate the occassion we also did a deep dive into the development process that was on MagFest’s twitch channel. Don’t worry if you missed it as you can always catch it on below on our youtube.

Reviewer Round Up

Some Sudd City Adventures reviews and streams from week 1

  • Save or Quit – “simple doesn’t mean bad, and I’ve played much worse games than this, and there’s something to be said for a point-and-click that isn’t too obtuse. It has likeable characters, the world and backstory seem interesting, and it’s refreshingly brisk”
  • Sleepy Toadstool – “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to like Jaeden as a character, but he was the fucboi of this story for sure.”
  • Adventure Gamers – “If you’re up for a decidedly unconventional superhero story, then get yourself up, up and away”

Design Iteration: Navigation with a fixed camera and character

“How can a player move in the world?”

We generally think of Sudd City Adventures as part point and click game and part interactive fiction, however from a camera perspective it has a lot more to do with a visual novel. This mostly comes from the fact that we’re assumed to be from the point of view of our player character, as opposed to a third person animated avatar like in old LucasArts games where players basically moved their character into a hallway to signal a room change.

Iteration 1: Drop down menu selecting adjacent rooms
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Learning to scope to the team’s strengths

Programmer for Sudd City Interactive here. I wanted to talk a bit about the history of our Sudd City Games and why you should design games around the teams strengths rather than what seems like an obvious genre for a dream game you’d like to make.

The three of us have been working on the Sudd City characters and world for a long time. They started as stories as notes passed between us in high school classes ( hashtag 90s kids. ) The core of the Sudd City stories were just about a group of super hero friends hanging out.

This is the 4th wave of Sudd City Games we’ve tried to make, and here’s a brief history of what worked and what hasn’t.

The first Sudd City Games 2002

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