Design Iteration: Navigation with a fixed camera and character

“How can a player move in the world?”

We generally think of Sudd City Adventures as part point and click game and part interactive fiction, however from a camera perspective it has a lot more to do with a visual novel. This mostly comes from the fact that we’re assumed to be from the point of view of our player character, as opposed to a third person animated avatar like in old LucasArts games where players basically moved their character into a hallway to signal a room change.

Iteration 1: Drop down menu selecting adjacent rooms
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Learning to scope to the team’s strengths

Programmer for Sudd City Interactive here. I wanted to talk a bit about the history of our Sudd City Games and why you should design games around the teams strengths rather than what seems like an obvious genre for a dream game you’d like to make.

The three of us have been working on the Sudd City characters and world for a long time. They started as stories as notes passed between us in high school classes ( hashtag 90s kids. ) The core of the Sudd City stories were just about a group of super hero friends hanging out.

This is the 4th wave of Sudd City Games we’ve tried to make, and here’s a brief history of what worked and what hasn’t.

The first Sudd City Games 2002

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